Business Development

Please contact Genomedis if you plan to enter or need analysis of Turkish Pharmaceutical market. Aim to launch, re-launch or make collaborations for any pharmaceutical, OTC, genetic testing services, Genomedis Biotechnology Consulting Services division provides consultancy services on Biotechnology sector in Turkey

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Professional Business Execution for your needs. Please contact Genomedis if you look for investment opportunies in Pharma&Biotech industry Look for new partnership for marketing your product in Turkey, look for pharmaceuticals licensees, need the marketing collaboration to penetrate and/or to enlarge your penetration to the market

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Please contact Genomedis If you look for new partnership for manufacturing and distribution your pharma and diagnostic product in Turkey Look for high quality (GMP level) production with profitable prices, require to have optimized quality certification processes (Pharma manufacturers, Hospitals, Laboratories and institutes)

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  • Biotech & Pharma Solutions provides the necessary expertise and experience for integrated consultancy services to biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare clients.
  • Our approach is customized for each challenge; we will first probe to determine the best strategy to meet your goals and then support in execution with the experienced human resources needed for the project.
  • Genomedis Biotech & Pharma Solutions serves deep understanding of market, designing business plan, setting up international and local investments and/or collaborations as for merger&acquisitions, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales.
  • Solutions to simplify and streamline the market entry, business growth and sustaining market power stages for our customers to reach their goals.
  • Customers have relied on Genomedis- Biotech&Pharma Solutions to evaluate market opportunities, search distribution channel options, select channel partners, find funding solutions, and to provide ongoing operational and market support.
  • You only have to decide whether you wish to tackle the work alone or collaborate with GENOMEDIS to be your expert guide as have many companies in the past

        Genomedis collaborates with cutting edge technology companies